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It can be very difficult to manage employee expenses, particularly if your company uses some of the “older” data tracking methods, such as a spreadsheet or a hand-written log. Regardless of the size of a company, employee expenses are a very significant part of the cost of doing business. Business people are aware that decreased costs equal increased profits, and generally strive to find methods to manage expenses to optimize profits.

Today the ultimate tool for managing employee expenses can be found online at Expense on Demand (EOD) is an online, hosted subscription service that makes managing your employee expenses a breeze. EOD even offers a free trial to enable your company to compare EOD service results with your current methods.

EOD offers an automated reimbursement process that will reduce company costs, increase company control and increase confidence of both employees and management. EOD does offer additional services too, such as payroll processing, receipt and cost center management and more. Essentially, EOD can create a whole customized system that will save both time and money for your company.

Since EOD is a hosted online service, your company will not have to add any hardware or download any software to utilize EOD. Furthermore, all updates and maintenance are the responsibility of EOD. Expense on Demand is as the name implies, on demand. Users can log on to EOD anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year via the Internet and a standard web browser. It is simple to input expenses quickly without error using pre-defined fields and selections. Anything that a company wishes to customize can be created or altered to fit their needs.

So, just how does a company benefit from EOD? Remember, business is all about the bottom line. Expense on Demand makes it easier for a company to determine spending patterns and devise methods for reducing expense costs. Given that EOD is a web-based service, companies immediately save IT expenses, not only equipment acquisition costs, but overhead and maintenance costs as well. ROI is increased almost immediately.

When a company uses EOD for managing their employee expenses, they will find EOD to be very flexible, user friendly and convenient. Employees submitting a reimbursement claim can simply use a PDA or Smartphone to submit their claim. Approval of claims is rules-driven (company parameters and rules are customized to determine approvals) so each claimant is confident that their claim is processed with no bias. Management can customize reports to analyze various categories of expenses; for instance, business travel expenses can be customized to the categories of air travel, mileage for auto travel, hotel, food and miscellaneous expenses.

Expense on Demand is a leader in on-demand business services that provide automatic expense management. With innovation and technology EOD assists clients to reduce business costs related to expense reporting, enhance fraud detection and internal controls, reduce operating costs and improve the bottom line. is the website you need to take the difficulty out of managing employee expenses for your company.

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