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Water and electronics don’t mix; that’s common knowledge. If your laptop of other electronics device does get wet, however, there are a few things you can do to try to mitigate the damage.

The first thing to remember is never turn the device on while it’s wet. The water can act as a conductor and send electricity flowing to places it shouldn’t go, shorting out components and causing serious damage. If it was already on, then turn it off. It’s also a good idea to remove the battery until the entire unit is completely dry.

To help it dry out as fast as possible, get a large container that can fit the device inside easily and that can be covered and sealed. Fill the bottom of the container with dry rice. Then place the laptop, iPod, or other electronic device on top of the rice carefully. You don’t want to get rice inside the device so it won’t hurt to place a paper towel or other very porous material on top of the rice before place the electronic item on top of that. Once you seal the container, the dry rice will start soaking every bit of moisture out of the air inside the container. The desiccated air will draw moisture out of the electronics and from there the rice will continue to absorb it until the device is completely dried. This can take some time, so leave the container sealed and untouched for 48 hours and keep it in a cool location. You don’t want the container to be heated by the sun since a higher temperature may cause the moisture to stay in the air or even condense on the sides of the container or on the device that you’re trying to dry out.

If there is any sign of moisture on the device or container after 48 hours, replace the rice with new dry rice, seal it back up, and wait another 24-48 hours. Once the device is completely dry, replace the battery and turn it on. It will either work or not. If not, then check the battery to make sure it is charged. If the battery is charged and it still doesn’t work then you will likely need to bring the device to an authorized repair center.

If the hard drive has been damaged, the data from the device can be salvaged by sending the hard drive out for data recovery services. If the hard drive is removable, then you can send just the drive. Otherwise, you may need to send the entire device for hard drive data recovery. Of course, if you have recently backed up your hard drive, then this step won’t be necessary.