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While in Houston, you can avail a number of options for defensive driving courses. You can either opt for a traditional classroom type course, or for an online course. In addition, you can take such classes through DVDs. The courses for defensive driving in Houston can be completed within 6 hours. For classroom type courses you need to attend weekend or evening classes. Those who are taking an online course or through DVDs, they can complete it at their leisure.

Defensive driving in Texas will help you to avoid getting traffic tickets. It also has several other advantages. It will make you a better driver and thus you can keep your passengers safer. You can even avoid getting traffic tickets in future. In addition, the insurance companies usually provide a good discount on insurance rates to people who have already taken defensive driving courses. This kind of discount can range up to 10% depending on your driving records. However, the insurance companies usually offer these discounts for up to three years, once you have completed the course.

As said earlier by taking defensive driving in Houston you can get your Texas traffic ticket dismissed. These are some steps that you can follow to do the same.

If you have not dismissed another traffic ticket by opting for a Texas approved defensive driving course within last one year, you can try to get your ticket dismissed. But you must verify whether or not you are eligible for it. Other criteria include that you must not be charged with speeding more than of 25 mph over the specified speed limit, must not have violated Texas seat belt laws, you must have valid Texas Driver’s License, and you can’t be caught speeding in any work or school zone. You must also be able to submit your proof of auto insurance.

You can even submit an appeal, either in writing or in person, to the court so as to go for an approved course for defensive driving in Houston. But you must take a prompt action. Such requests must be submitted before the court issues your ticket. You must also consider all your options for defensive driving in Houston. Choose one of the available options for your course type, i.e. traditional, online or through DVDs.

In order to get your ticket dismissed, you may have to submit your driving record. These kinds of records are available from the state and you will have to submit the driving record along with the certificate (or other proof) of your defensive driving in Houston. You can get the details about the process of applying for the driving record from the concerned person. In general, it will take at least a week or more to avail such records.

If you want to get your traffic ticket dismissed, you must make sure that you complete the course within the given deadline. The court usually gives a timeframe within which your course for defensive driving in Houston must be completed. Also, consider that it will take some time to mail the certificate to you.

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