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You no doubt have a pretty good idea of what aspects of your company should be featured in order to bring in new customers and promote sales. Translating those aspects to an effective display may be an all together different task. The following ideas can help you to design trade show displays in a way that appeals to your target audience.

• Minimize the amount of text – Especially at trade shows, you only get a short amount of time to draw in the customer. Eye-catching graphics are usually an excellent way to do this. Customizing your display as much as possible so that it stands out from the crowd is a good way to get your display and your company noticed. Later, as customers want to know more about your products or services, you can offer them brochures or catalogs.

• Think interactive – If you give potential customers something to do while they are at your booth, they are likely to stick around longer. A few samples of your product, a working scale model if your product is really large or a live or recorded demonstration of how your product or service works will all help to bring customers over to your display. This is also a great way to keep them around to ask questions and perhaps make a purchase. Computers have opened up an incredible array of possibilities for interactivity for your display, all without taking up a lot of space.

• Invest in some promotional items – Although some people visit these events just to pick up free merchandise, promotional items really are an excellent way to bring in new business. When choosing promotional items you can go one of two ways: 1) choose something very practical (pencils or sticky notes) and get them customized with your company’s name, logo and contact information, or 2) be very creative and choose something that the customer will tend to hold onto because of its uniqueness (a deck of playing cards with your company’s logo and information on the back of each card).

• Invest in good lighting – A well designed display cannot be fully appreciated if it cannot be seen well. Almost all trade booth displays come with their own lighting, but the extra investment in additional lighting can really make a difference. Usually when people walk into trade shows their eyes are automatically drawn to the brightest display in the room. Not only is brightness important, the lights need to be placed effectively to highlight your product and your company to be completely effective.

Most companies that sell trade show display booths and accessories offer design support in the form of consultants who specialize in their products. However, you should still have in mind some general concepts of the way you want your display to look and what it should highlight. With these ideas in hand, you and the design consultant will be able to design a trade show display that will improve your company’s image and generate sales.

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