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When I first got my small dog, I spent weeks searching for the perfect bed for her to enjoy. Of course, I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible in her new home and I knew a big step towards that would be a dog bed that she would be happy with. There was only one problem with the dog bed I chose; my dog wasn’t quite as happy with it as I was. When you set out to buy your small dog a bed, remember that even though you’re the one doing the purchasing, it is your beloved dog that has to sleep on your final decision.

There are some very basic, essential tips to keep in mind to ensure that your dog absolutely loves his or her new dog bed. The first is to pay careful attention to the dog bed’s height. This point is especially important for owners of small breed dogs. You don’t want a situation where your dog is forced to jump into bed every night. It may be amusing to watch at first and might even be fun for your dog to jump on occasion, but having to leap into bed every night will get annoying for your dog to have to endure over time. Also, in all seriousness, your dog can sustain needless and sometimes serious injuries by falling from a bed that’s too high for him or her, especially small breed or toy dogs.

Second, be wary of strong odors in bed materials. Dogs have highly developed and sensitive senses of smell, much more sensitive than human beings have. Therefore, when you’re picking out a bed for your dog, avoid beds made of materials which have strong and overpowering smells. For example, certain woods, such as cedar and cinnamon, may smell good to you, but may be too pungent for your dog. On a related note, be mindful of the bedding you choose.

The comfort of your small dog should be paramount. If you live in a colder climate, opt for heavier materials, such as lamb’s wool, which absorb heat and keep your dog warm and cozy. If you live in a more temperate zone, opt for lighter fabrics, like cotton hybrids, which will keep your dog cool and comfortable. Most online stores, like, have a wide variety of small dog beds to choose from and you will be able to find the bed that fits your dog and its needs best. If you have a brand new small breed puppy, a blanket for the dog bed would be a wise investment too in order to keep your puppy warm through the night.

When training your dog to use his or her bed, don’t be a pushover. Dogs can be very persuasive and persistent when they want something. When you get a new dog bed, there might be times when you have to be quite stern to get your dog to stay in its bed. Ultimately, dogs are creatures of habit, so it’s important to be consistent and firm when training them to use their beds. They will love you for it in the long run.

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I have had my dog for the past nine years. She is an adorable miniature dachshund with chocolate and tan coloring. Most of you would know her as a “wiener” dog. She likes to play, she likes to sleep, and most importantly, she likes to go with me wherever I go. Whether I am taking a bike ride, going somewhere in the car, going for a walk, or even going for a swim, she wants to come with me. Since I enjoy her company so much, and like to see her happy, I try to oblige her as much as possible.

Taking a dog with you when you go for a bike ride can be a difficult proposition. A short legged dog does not have a chance in the world of keeping up with a bicycle. Luckily, some very smart people have come up with a solution for this dilemma. A bike trailer for dogs is the perfect way to take her with me. The trailer attaches to the back of the bike and is pulled along as I pedal. The trailer has two wheels that are spaced wide enough apart to keep the trailer stable and level. It also has an awning cover to keep the sun off of the dog to allow her to ride comfortably in the shade.

Taking a dog for a car ride is a much tougher job than it used to be. Gone are the days of just letting the dog run wild in the car while you drive. Many states and counties have laws that require your dog to be secured if she is going to ride in an automobile. Once again, we are lucky that a group of smart people have given us a solution. You can now get a doggie car seat that keeps your best friend safely in place while the car is moving. The car seat connects to a seatbelt and sits up like an open top basket, giving the dog a place to sit while the car is in motion. Being secured by the seatbelt ensures that the basket will not move if the car suddenly turns or stops.

Going for a walk is always fun. I like to use a harness and a leash to keep her safe and comfortable while we are walking through the park or through the neighborhood. The harness wraps around her chest, evening out the pressure so that she does not pull too hard on the leash. A leash attached to the collar can choke a dog that pulls to hard. The harness gives you more control, making it easier to handle the dog during the walk.
Taking a dog for a swim is an enjoyable experience. However, dogs are not always the best judge of when they should get out of the water. You do not want to have to worry about your dog getting exhausted, so you should look into a doggie life jacket. Like a regular life jacket, they will keep your friend afloat while she enjoys the water.

These wonderful products have made it easier and more fun to take my dog with me wherever I go.

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