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When I was 10, my family went on our first family skiing vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado. There were several of us including some extended family. Some had skied previously, some had not. We made memories, learned to ski and all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Since that year, we have tried to have a skiing vacation each year. Because of kids school schedules we’ve had to always have our trips on during Christmas and/or Spring Break. Several times we’ve had at least some of us go both times. Since the family was enjoying our vacation time together so much, but having to work around work and school vacation times, we decided to focus on going to a more convenient driving location. After several experimental excursions to places like Red River and Taos, New Mexico, the family settled on our favorite location of Angel Fire, New Mexico.

After several trips to Angel Fire, my immediate family decided to look into purchasing a condominium or town home there. After much financial research and legal advice, we decided that it would offset the cost of our vacations and serve as an asset. This would allow us to always have a guaranteed place to stay on our trips while affording us the luxury of a yearly vacation together that we enjoyed so much.

After contacting a realtor, we discovered that there was a condo for sale in a complex that already had a management company set up. All we would have to do furnish the condo with their requirements such as dishes, pots, pans and furniture and linens. Then, we would pay them a fee each month as part of our agreement that they would handle the reservations, cleaning and some maintenance. We purchased the condo and began our adventures in mountain real estate just in time for spring skiing.

Before the spring could turn in to summer that year, we had a huge problem that we didn’t anticipate. A family renting our condo decided to build a fire and somehow caught the living room on fire! There was considerable damage to some furniture and carpet, but luckily the rest of the condo and other condos in the building were fine. However, the fireplace was going to cost at least $1000 to fix appropriately.

We discussed this problem with other condo owners in the building and were advised to install an electric fireplace insert. They all had a Classic Flame Electric Fireplace and highly recommended it. This would give off heat for cold vacationers, but would allow for a certain level of ease for those renters that either did not know how to properly start a fire or operate a chimney. It would alleviate the worry for another fire. There are many advantages to this electric fireplace insert that we didn’t even realize. They have little maintenance, no chimney cleaning, no smoke smell, and no wood to buy. Also, we spent the same money we would have spent fixing the wood-burning fireplace. It’s been a perfect investment for our family vacation home.

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