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There are so many gifts for wine and beer lovers, everything from books to art to trivia games or glassware. This is great considering the vast amounts of wine and beer consumed in this country. However, it is sometimes difficult to find more specific gifts such as champagne themed items. I have found one website, that specializes in wine themed items but also has a large selection of champagne themed items. I recently purchased several of these items for a friend who is a champagne expert and lover. While I was ordering I bought some of these gifts for myself as well. The following is a summary of the items I bought as well as some quick reviews of the ones I kept for myself.

Engraved Champagne Flutes
I got these for my friend and engraved “Happy New Year” in a spiral around the base of the flute. The website offers the option of engraving on the side of the glass or around the base and allows you to choose any words you desire. My friend loved the personalized glasses as she hosts a New Year’s Eve party every year. The website also offers “his and hers” champagne flutes which can be a great gift for a wedding, anniversary or housewarming.

Black Marble Champagne Cooler
Although I have used coolers meant for wine in the past, I liked that this cooler was wide enough to accommodate any champagne bottle and the marble gave it an extra classy look. I gave this one to my friend as well and she has used it as several dinner parties. The black felt bottom prevents condensation from wetting the table underneath so there is no need for a coaster.

Crystal Brush
This delicate crystal cleaner can be used to clean anything, but I gave it along with the etched champagne flutes. I haven’t gotten any feedback yet but I thought it was a nice little addition to the gift. The website says it is designed to be delicate on crystal and it is a perfect shape for cleaning flutes.

Funny Magnet
This was too cute to not add to the order. It is a refrigerator magnet with a picture of a goldfish swimming in a glass of champagne. The caption underneath reads “Bubbles refused to admit he had a problem”.

Mini and Full Size Champagne Candles
Both sizes look like a champagne bottle but are actually candles. The mini ones are cute but less realistic looking than the large one. I bought both sizes for my friend, thinking she could set out the big one in the middle of a table surrounded by the four small ones. I also bought some extra mini ones to use as stocking stuffers for my parents at Christmas.

Screwpull Champagne Cork Catcher
This champagne opener pulls out the cork with the normally loud popping sound but keeps the cork contained so as to avoid injury or broken items. I thought his was ingenious and bought six of them, one for my friend and five to give as gifts in the future. I ended up using one myself and I love it. I can’t believe someone did not think of this sooner.

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Is it your dream to have a full wet bar in your home? It was always my dream and one day I made it happen. Yes, it took some money and a lot of time to get it all together but I love entertaining at my home and in the long run I have saved a ton of money since I now rarely go out and pay commercial bar prices for liquor. I have outlined the steps I took to setting up a bar in my home.

The first and most obvious step is physically build a bar. You can hire a specialized contractor to do this, or you can do it yourself. I chose to hire a professional since I am not overly handy and did not have the time to devote to the construction. I shopped around and found a great contractor who built a bar in my basement in under a week. The bar has a granite counter top, four bar stools, and behind it there are three shelves for alcohol, a counter with a sink, and two large cupboards for storing glassware and accessories. I decided to go all out and get a large ice maker as well. I also put in a mini fridge to keep refrigerated items and I have a blender set up on the counter for making frozen drinks. I had toyed with the idea of a dishwasher but I decided the sink would suffice and in the case of a large load of dishes I could always bring them upstairs to our kitchen dishwasher.

The next thing is to buy the supplies. I have to say, this was definitely the most fun part of the process. I purchased about twenty bottles of alcohol, mostly basic ones but some higher end drinks as well. I bought various types of juice and mixers, some garnishes and, of course, peanuts. I was originally going to buy regular glassware from a discount store, but a friend of mine told me about a website, that sells personalized, engraved glassware. I ended up ordering martini glasses, beer mugs, pitchers, shot glasses and regular cocktail glasses, all with my name on them. I really like how this added to the feel of having my own bar. My friends have been very impressed with the personalized glassware as well. I also purchased cocktail napkins to go with the color theme of the bar and since many of my friends smoke, I added some ashtrays as well.

The final step is to create a menu. I had been a bartender for several years in college so I know many of the regular drink recipes, but I decided to do some research and create a specialized menu for my bar. I spent hours online reading about the best shots, frozen drinks and cocktails. I added some ingredients to the supplies I had already purchased and created a menu. I had a great time making up original names for all of the drinks. I printed out several copies of the menu and had them plasticized.

I hope this information was helpful to you. I am having a blast entertaining my friends at my new bar. My advice is to go all out, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget the straws.

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