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When you are looking for information about a product that you want to buy, you turn to the internet if you’re like most people. The first thing you do, is head for a search engine and enter the search term that you think is most likely to bring you a selection of the information you want. The search engine then returns a list of search results. From there you scan the first few entries looking for one whose title and brief summary text looks most like what you’re looking for. That’s exactly the way your customers look for your products or services as well.

Before you can even begin a search engine optimization effort, you first have to figure out what words or phrases you want to target. The best way to do that is to think like one of your customers, or better yet ask your customers. Determining the right target key words and phrases for your SEO campaign is one of the most important aspects of the whole endeavor.

As a business owner, you should have some idea of the overall size of your market. You should know the approximate annual sales made in your industry each year and have a good idea for what percentage of that overall market you hope to capture. By weighing the frequency of specific key word searches for your business against your broader market knowledge, you can estimate the relative market reach of individual search terms and your entire list of targeted terms.

Using some basic information about the likelihood of internet search engine users to click on a result from the first page of results, and even the likelihood of a click-through by placement on that first page, you can determine the number of prospective customers you could expect to get with an improvement in your search engine rankings. Bear in mind, that SEO delivers traffic, but the web site itself has to convince them to contact you or make a purchase.

That’s why a good SEO marketing firm will not only help you optimize your website for search engine results, but will also offer advice on web site design, user interface, and other aspects of your web site that affect your ability to close a sale once the customers start showing up. Delivering targeted traffic to your website doesn’t do much good if it doesn’t translate into more sales and more profit.

Once you have your web site design where it needs to be, have identified the relevant key words and phrases that will help you achieve your business goals, only then can you begin a truly effective Search Engine Optimization campaign.

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