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NuShoe is an innovative online company that allows you to ship your old and worn out shoes to a professional shoe renewal factory. While there may be other companies who offer shoe renewal, NuShoe is unique because they not only have the skills and low prices, but they offer the convenience of online order forms and quick mailing procedures. Rather than spending time going to a local shoemaker who may or may not be specialized in your type of shoes, you can read about NuShoe’s craftsmanship online and then just ship the shoes to them. You will receive the rejuvenated shoes in your mailbox within three weeks – how convenient!

Not only are NuShoe’s prices competitive, but the quality of their work is very good. The professionals who work at NuShoe specialize in specific brands of shoes such as Ecco, Birkenstock, New Balance and Papillio. They also are able to renew various types of shoes, from women’s dress shoes to men’s casual shoes. They can even renew sandals and cowboy boots.

The one part of NuShoe’s services that sometimes makes people uneasy is the anticipated shipping costs. However, if you read their policy you will see that you pay a flat rate of $7 for a prepaid shipping envelope and NuShoe pays to ship the shoes back to you. There will be no unexpected shipping fees, no matter how heavy or large your shoes may be. In fact, if you can fit two pairs of shoes in one bag you only have to pay the $7 fee once. In the case that your shoes do not fit in the bag you can put them in any packaging you like, cut the label off of the bag and place it on your package. You will not have to pay any extra for this service. NuShoe makes shipping extremely affordable and convenient.

One of the major selling points for NuShoe’s services is that they are the world’s only repair center for Ecco shoes. Most shoe repairmen cannot re-sole Ecco shoes, due to their unique dual density polyurethane outsole, but NuShoe is qualified to re-sole these shoes and has specialized materials and equipment to do so. They also have access to Ecco shoelaces and insoles in order to make your shoes authentic. NuShoe is definitely the number one choice for repairing or renewing Ecco shoes and is a great choice for other brands of shoes as well.

Renewing your shoes with NuShoe is a risk free decision as the shoes all come with a one year guarantee. So, you will be taking shoes you were going to throw out, paying a small fee, and receiving new shoes that are guaranteed to last for at least a year. In most cases, shoes renewed by NuShoe last several years after they are repaired. In fact, if the leather on your shoes is still good, you can actually re-sole a good pair of shoes several times, making them last for years and years.

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