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Summer is here and with it the need to stay cool by wearing less clothing.  Unfortunately, when you wear less clothing, people can see more of what is under the clothing.  Most of us are not too proud of what is going on under the clothing.  More and more of us could use some work on our midsection and other flabby parts.  We could all stand to spend more time in the gym and less time in front of the television.  We could all stand to eat more healthy foods and less fast food.  The only way to get that summer shape is to get up off of that couch and get to work.

Getting in shape is no mystery.  A sedentary lifestyle where you sit around all day at work and at home and do not watch what you eat will cause you to gain undesirable weight.  The longer you do this, the more weight you will gain and the farther you have to go to get back to your ideal weight and body shape.  To get in shape, you have to watch your diet and spend some time exercising.  That is really it.  If you burn more calories than you shove into your face, you will lose weight.  It really is that simple.  The hard part is finding a way to burn as many calories as possible while preventing you from being absolutely miserable from a starvation diet.  Giving yourself more time to take off the weight will ensure that you can go slow and steady instead of being tempted to take shortcuts that could damage your health.

Building muscle is a great way to increase the speed at which your body burns calories.  Muscle building requires resistance training.  Lifting weights and doing body weight exercises are a great way to build muscle.  The process takes time, and cannot be done overnight.  Steady gym work will ensure that you make reasonable gains and get stronger by the month.  Supplements can help your body become as efficient as possible in building muscles.  Creatine is one such supplement.  Creatine helps your body to process protein so that you can maximize your muscle building.  It comes in pill form or powder form that is taken up to several times a day.  Another supplement is protein powder.  Protein is the fuel for building muscles.  You can get it by eating a lot of meat, but that will make you sluggish and can come with a lot of fat and cholesterol.  Protein powders give you protein and vitamins without the bad stuff and usually come in the form of a delicious shake.

Taking these (and other) supplements along with a safe and responsible workout program can help you make big gains with your body.  You can shed fat pounds and put on muscle, turning your body from flabby to hard in a matter of months.  You should always be safe, never doing more than your body can handle.  You should also give yourself plenty of time to meet your goals.  With time and effort, when next summer comes around you’ll be ready to wear fewer clothes.

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